Brooke Hogan Is Being Sued Because One Lawsuit In The Family Isn’t Enough

The family who prays together and takes their vitamins together gets embroiled in lawsuits together, apparently. Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke is being sued for cyber crime, and no, it’s not for that poem where she defended her father’s racist statements.

Attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the former reality show star for cyber defamation on behalf of Florida resident Alexis “Lexi” Williams. Ms. Williams is claiming that Brooke’s social media posts accusing her of dogfighting have led to death threats. From the the press release, via PWInsider:

Ms. Williams, a medical lab employee and veteran of the United States Army who has owned and loved animals all her life, has never met Brooke, yet as a result of Brooke’s malicious actions she has been continuously subjected to death threats, both in person and over the internet, as well as ridicule, humiliation, mental anguish, and a loss in her capacity to earn a living.

The initial complaint was made in September 2015, but thanks to Brooke’s ongoing efforts to remain UNDISCOVERED (eh? ehhhhh?), she’s only now been served with the suit:

We attempted to arrange service in private with Brooke’s agent and manager. Brooke responded by deleting the posts in question, and hiding in Jack’s house when a process server came to the door.

There’s been no official response from Brooke Hogan, but it’s probably best if she ignore any and all advice from whatever PR team is advising her dad during his Gawker lawsuit.