Brooke Hogan Wants To Team Up With Ronda Rousey For Her New Wrestling Promotion

07.19.17 2 years ago

Brooke Hogan wants to work with Ronda Rousey for her new wrestling promotion. When Brooke talked to UPROXX at the GLOW premiere in June, she told us they’ve got a roster of 40-plus women and that they were looking at touring dates in September. Brooke noted that it was happening a lot faster than she expected.

What does all this have to do with Ronda Rousey? The TMZ cameras caught up with Brooke (the daughter of Hulk Hogan) and Ariel Teal Toombs (the daughter of Roddy Piper) to ask them about Rousey possibly working for Brooke’s new promotion. Ariel told them, “I think she’s an icon of our time and I think it would be really fun to tag team with her.” Brooke added that they had no idea if Rousey would work with them, but it sure sounds like they are interested. They were very complimentary of Rousey, as you can see in the clip below.

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