Brooke Hogan Wants To Team Up With Ronda Rousey For Her New Wrestling Promotion

Brooke Hogan wants to work with Ronda Rousey for her new wrestling promotion. When Brooke talked to UPROXX at the GLOW premiere in June, she told us they’ve got a roster of 40-plus women and that they were looking at touring dates in September. Brooke noted that it was happening a lot faster than she expected.

What does all this have to do with Ronda Rousey? The TMZ cameras caught up with Brooke (the daughter of Hulk Hogan) and Ariel Teal Toombs (the daughter of Roddy Piper) to ask them about Rousey possibly working for Brooke’s new promotion. Ariel told them, “I think she’s an icon of our time and I think it would be really fun to tag team with her.” Brooke added that they had no idea if Rousey would work with them, but it sure sounds like they are interested. They were very complimentary of Rousey, as you can see in the clip below.

The main reason TMZ brought up Rousey is because of Ronda’s presence at the WWE’s Mae Young Classic tournament last week in Orlando. Ronda was at the event at Orlando’s Full Sail University in Orlando to support her “Four Horsewoman” friend Shayna Baszler in the tournament. (If you want to know how Baszler did, we have some spoilers for you.) The tournament won’t air on WWE Network until late August, but I’m sure that WWE will focus on Rousey in the crowd quite a bit since she’s one of the biggest stars in UFC history.

It’s one of those stories that is early in the development, but you never know how Rousey might take it. No word from Rousey on the subject yet.

Since Rousey may be done with her UFC career, moving on to WWE makes a lot of sense. It’s the big time and they can pay Rousey more than any other wrestling promotion at this time. However, this project that Brooke Hogan is doing is a startup and if Rousey got involved, she could give it credibility right away, so maybe it would appeal to her. You never know in this crazy business.