Bruno Mars And Madison Square Garden Both Paid Tribute To Bruno Sammartino

Pro Wrestling Editor


Tributes keep pouring in for the passing of WWE and New York sports great Bruno Sammartino, from nearly everyone who’s anyone in the world of professional wrestling to a 10-bell salute before WWE’s most recent show in South Africa. Sammartino’s influence extended far beyond the world of sports entertainment, however, and Thursday saw two new, big tributes for the Living Legend.

The first is from Madison Square Garden, the building Sammartino famously sold out 187 times (188 if you count his Hall of Fame induction there in 2013). MSG is WWE’s unofficial “home” and Bruno and the Garden are practically synonymous, so it’s great to see them honoring a “true Garden legend.”

Another big tribute came in the form of pop star Bruno Mars, who famously added the “Bruno” to his name because of Sammartino:

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