Rico Constantino Called Bubba Ray Dudley A ‘Spoiled Baby,’ Says He Intentionally Injured His Leg

Yesterday, we posted some not-terribly-flattering remarks made by former WWE tag champ René Dupree about the recently returned Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray, in particular). Basically, Dupree said Bubba regularly took liberties with opponents, gave him numerous concussions, and even ended careers with his intentional carelessness. But that was all just one man’s word, right? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, another guy who was around during the Dudleyz’ first run has popped up to corroborate Dupree’s stories of bad Bubba behavior.

Two-time WWE Tag Team Champion Rico Constantino recently appeared on the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast, and, frankly, he made Dupree’s shots on Bubba Ray look tempered. According to Constantino, he once tore his hamstring in a match with the Dudleyz, and Bubba seemingly tried to worsen the injury…

“He ripped my hamstring three times in Chicago. I told him I tore, and he kept going. He suplexed me, and tore it again. And when he pinned me, he threw my legs over my head, and put his legs on the second turnbuckle, and tore it again.”

Rico also told the story of a power play Bubba tried to pull during a European live tour.

“Yes, Devon is okay. Bubba is a brat. You’re a spoiled, little baby. And I knew that when we went to Italy. Charlie and I had the tag-team belts, and we’re gonna wrestle [The Dudleyz] in Italy. And, out of respect, I said, ‘Okay. What would you like to do, Bubba?’ You know, cuz he’s been in the business longer than I have.

Bubba popped off, ‘I’m tired of making the matches! You guys are the champions! Why don’t you make up the match!’ He was throwing a fit, in Italy! I said, what the hell? Like we win these titles; they give them to us! You want to win a title? Go win Gladiators, you fat pig. That’s what I’m thinking. He cried and moaned. I looked at Dean Malenko and said, ‘Hey. Here.’ Threw him the belt and said, ‘Bubba wants the belt. Give it to him. I’m not going out. That’s it. Forget it. I don’t want the titles!’ And I left. 25-30 minutes later, Dean came up, that fat, little spoiled brat apologized, and we went out and had a match. Yep, Bubba’s famous for that. I’ll tell it to his face, and I live in Las Vegas, Bubba. Come over here, and I will tell ya.”

How was “Go win Gladiators, you fat pig” not Rico’s full-time catchphrase?

Will this be the last early-2000s mid-carder with a Bubba Ray story to tell? Probably not, as it feels like this thing is about to tip over into a full-on pile-on. Personally, I believe in second chances, so if Bubba’s behaving himself now, I have no problem supporting him. That said, I may never be able to fully enjoy the Dudley Boyz wrestling La Resistance and Rico and Charlie Haas again. I guess I’ll just have to find a way to deal with this loss.

(Via Wrestling Inc.)