Buddy Murphy’s Role In The Roman Reigns Storyline Was Reportedly Unplanned


Everything’s coming up Buddy Murphy! Since the former Cruiserweight Champion became a part of the “Who attacked Roman Reigns?” storyline, he’s gone from not being on TV at all to having a match on the SummerSlam Kickoff Show, and then a star-making match with Roman Reigns on this week’s Smackdown. Even though Roman ultimately defeated him, it really made Murphy look like a contender on the Main Roster for the first time. All of this started when he was spotted in the background of the “surveillance video” of backstage equipment being pushed over onto Roman Reigns, and now it looks like that may not have been planned at all.

According to Bryan Alvarez at the Wrestling Observer, Murphy wasn’t originally intended to be a part of this storyline at all. He really did just happen to be caught in that original backstage video. Once fans noticed him there and started to speculate online about his involvement, WWE Creative apparently decided to run with it and bring him into the story. It’s a really lucky break for Murphy, who suddenly seems to matter on the Smackdown roster after being almost completely MIA. Of course we don’t yet know how this storyline will resolve (Murphy’s involvement isn’t the only part that seems improvised), but Murphy already has a spot in the new King of the Ring tournament, so at least there’s a next step for him.