The Bullet Club Have Their Own ‘Paid Advertisement’ For New Japan’s U.S. Shows

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06.14.17 6 Comments

Everyone is excited about New Japan’s United States debut in Long Beach. Everyone. Especially the Bullet Club, because the Young Bucks are basically from Long Beach. (In California, everything south of San Luis Obispo is basically the same thing.) The resident dominant heel faction is so excited about the G1 Special events, in fact, that they’ve taken out their own “paid advertisement” for the shows.

The influence of the nWo really is the gift that keeps on giving, and this video is a great reminder that the nWo’s “paid advertisements” on Nitro were really great, and why nWo became such a phenomenon before it was like three straight years of 40 guys just ruining every main event and title match.

ANYWAY, this video has everything: a commercial for cold spray, plenty of taunting the Bullet Club’s opponents, perhaps some very subtle seeds of dissent being sown between Cody and the Elite, a video package that actually tells you who Hangman Page is and why you should care about him beyond penis jokes, and perhaps the greatest backhanded compliment of all time from Kenny Omega to Nick Jackson to cap the whole thing off.

Get us to Long Beach already, jerks. We’re tired of not being able to see Billy Gunn singles title matches in 2017!

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