Bully Ray Thinks CM Punk Should Return To Ring Of Honor Instead Of WWE

08.18.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

Bully Ray has seen it all and done it all in the world of professional wrestling. Bully was part of one of the best tag team ever as Bubba Ray Dudley. Together with D-Von Dudley, the team won titles in ECW, WWE, WCW (after WWE bought it), TNA/Impact Wrestling as one of the best heels they ever had, New Japan, All Japan, and now he’s a regular in Ring of Honor. In addition to that, he owns two wrestling schools and is a regular co-host on the Busted Open Radio Show on Sirius. In other words, when a guy with his pedigree talks about wrestling, he knows what he’s talking about.

Recently, Bully was interviewed by Metro UK and they covered a lot about his career as well as how happy he is in ROH these days. The most interesting part of the discussion centered around former 5-time WWE World Champion CM Punk, who left WWE abruptly after the 2014 Royal Rumble when he was unhappy with how he has been used. Since then, Punk fought in the UFC, written comic books and has shown no signs of wanting to return to wrestling. Prior to going to WWE in 2006, Punk spent several years helping build Ring of Honor and he won the ROH World Title once.

Bully noted that he had only met Punk a couple of times and they had some friendly conversations, but he didn’t know him personally. Bully went on to explain why he thinks Punk should come back to ROH one day, rather than go back to WWE.

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