In Preparation For Their Playoff Game, The Carolina Panthers Cut A Bizarre Wrestling Promo


The Carolina Panthers are coming into New Orleans on Sunday for a playoff game against a team that has already beaten them twice this year by a combined 31 points. It makes sense that the team needs an extra spark, some added motivation, just a little more energy heading into its first-round playoff matchup. This … was not it.

A few years ago the blood was so bad between these two teams that a Cam Newton taunt set off a brawl. Chances are extremely high that this video from Fozzy Whittaker, Jonathan Stewart, and Christian McCaffrey … won’t.

Carolina doesn’t deserve wrestling references anymore, and this was made clear the moment that hometown hero Ric Flair abandoned them. Flair’s heel turn against his hometown team has apparently damaged the Panthers psyche in such a deep way that they are incapable of making logical wrestling videos.

In no particular order, the things wrong with this video:

  • Christian McCaffrey’s “spear” at the start of the video is the weakest fake spear any of us have ever seen in our lives
  • McCaffrey’s face this entire video is saying “I didn’t want to do this” which honestly, makes me respect him more
  • The line “we’re not worried about anybody or anything” doesn’t make any sense, because they should be worried about their opponent, The New Orleans Saints. Then he says “this is about us,” making his original point make even less sense
  • The Panthers have been using “Keep Pounding” as their catchphrase and hype slogan for a long time now, and it’s almost as awkward as the entire premise of this video. Sure, it works when we’re adopting DX’s “I’ve got two words for ya,” but that’s about the only thing that makes this anything close to resembling a wrestling promo

Sure, NFL players have screwed up wrestling references before. Here’s Saints quarterback Drew Brees calling something a “Hulk Hogan 1985 WrestleMania suplex” that, um [adjusts glasses, clears throat], well actually, was not.

The line for the Saints/Panthers game started at Saints -6.5. This video surely pushes it to 13, maybe 13.5.