Chael Sonnen Really Is Meeting With WWE At WrestleMania. Here’s What They Want Him For.


Last week, Chael Sonnen claimed that he was heading to WrestleMania 31 to talk with WWE about some sort of role with the company, but Chael says a lot of stuff. WWE quickly came out and denied Chael’s statement, but WWE also denies a lot of stuff. Where’s the truth lie?

Well, according to the Wrestling Observer, this story isn’t all smoke. Chael will indeed attend the Hall of Fame ceremony as well as WrestleMania 31, and he’ll have a meeting with Kevin Dunn. This was all set up by Gerry Briscoe, who is friends with Chael. Word is that WWE isn’t particularly interested in having Sonnen get in the ring – they’re primarily looking at him as a possible commentator.

Now, what about Wanderlei Silva? Chael has claimed that WWE has approached him as well, which Silva has since confirmed in the Brazilian media, claiming that the offer from WWE was better than any offer he’s received in MMA. It’s hard to say what exactly they’d want Silva for, being that he’s nearly 40, probably pretty beat up and not super good with saying English words. Also, the way his MMA career ended certainly doesn’t jive with the PG, wellness-focused WWE of today, but then a lot of Chael’s career doesn’t either, soooo, shrug.

So, what do you folks think? Would Chael make a good addition to the commentary booth? What would you do with Sonnen and Silva if you were pulling the strings in WWE?

via WrestleZone