Charlotte On How She Learned About Wrestling In NXT, And Not From Ric Flair

Charlotte made history at WrestleMania 32 by becoming the first to hold the brand new WWE Women’s Championship. Though her pedigree as Ric Flair’s daughter is touted onscreen, she revealed to Chris Jericho that her wrestling know-how didn’t actually come from her legendary father.

Via Talk Is Jericho:

My dad really did not, he did not, I don’t think, see me wrestle but once til he came to me and Nattie’s match at TakeOver when I won the NXT [Women’s Championship]. No, because, like, he always told me wrestling is something you have to learn on your own, so I learned the phrases like ‘heel’, ‘babyface’, and all those things on my own. He didn’t clue me in to anything.” Charlotte said, “so not until now do I even share. I learned it all through being in developmental like any other kid even though he has done it all.

Charlotte goes on to say that while she remained separated from it growing up, it’s only now that she understands why her father loves pro wrestling so much:

“I looked at him the other day as we were driving down the road and I said, ‘I can understand now why you never wanted to quit and why you lost yourself after you retired in ’08 because it really does become your life. And that feeling that you get when you step on stage, there’s nothing else in the world like it.”

You can listen to her discuss growing up with Ric Flair, the origins of her ring name, and more on Talk Is Jericho.

Transcription h/t to WrestlingInc