Check Out Hulk Hogan’s Very Last WCW Contract From 1998

Whoa whoa whoa, what’s this? Hulk Hogan news that doesn’t involve him digging himself even further into a big ol’ racist hole? Yeah, that’s right. Something actually pretty cool has popped up, and it has literally nothing to do with Hulk Hogan’s penis. Well… that we know of.

The contract was posted yesterday by an intrepid wrestling writer who has a history of tracking down historical wrestling documents. Want to know how many discrimination lawsuits were brought against WCW? Well… kind of, actually. If you do, Chris Harrington is the guy you look up:

Damn, that certainly bolsters use of the phrase “Hogan money.” David Bixenspan broke down the figures over at SEScoops:

Each year, Hogan was to appear on six WCW pay-per-view events, for which he’d be paid $675,000 each or 15% of “domestic PPV cable sales received by WCW for each event,” whichever was greater. So he was guaranteed $4.05 million annually in PPV payoffs alone. He was advanced $1.35 million every four months.

Hogan was making a lot of money for someone who, by then, had pretty much taken himself off of television while Nitro competed with (and steadily lost to) the NBA playoffs on TNT. You can check out the full contract here.

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