Check Out The Trailer For WWE And The Flintstones Stone Age Smackdown

Last year, Brandon broke the news that WWE and Warner Bros. were teaming up to make a Flintstones movie called Stone Age Smackdown. Now, the first official trailer for the movie is out and it’s uh, interesting.

John Cena-stone? Seriously, that’s the best they could come up with? Yeesh. I do like that they were even lazier on The Undertaker and just kept him as The Undertaker. Also, due to the lead time on animated movies, it looks like CM Punk(rock) is going to be a large part of the film. I’m sure that won’t make things awkward at all.

Hey, here’s a fun game to play, what comes out first, Stone Age Smackdown (March 2015) or the actual Daniel Bryan from injury?