Check Out WWE Ref Charles Robinson’s Impressive Horror Collection

Are you starting to notice a trend involving wrestlers and scary movies these days?  We recently told you about Kane’s great taste in horror flicks, and that movie starring Goldust we like to talk about so much around these parts is about to about to hit a much bigger audience.  Now, as a Halloween treat, the WWE YouTube channel has given us a look at referee Charles Robinson’s horror memorabilia collection.  SPOILER ALERT: He probably has way more vintage movie posters than you do.

One would think that Robinson’s man cave would just be old WCW stuff, but this definitely works too.  Just because I have to be That Guy, I’m going to go ahead and do the power rankings for the five coolest items in his collection.

  • #5 – Halloween movie poster.  Do NOT watch this movie if there’s the slightest chance the phone in your house could ring at the same time as the phone on screen.  I speak from personal experience.
  • #4 – Freddy Krueger glove.  Good luck making a three-count with that thing on.
  • #3 – Full-size Pinhead statue.  This easily would have been #1 if it had been the full set of Cenobites.
  • #2 – Evel Knievel pinball machine.  Totally not part of our Halloween theme, I just friggin’ love pinball.
  • #1 – Scars of Dracula movie poster.  Hammer Studios, man!  You can never go wrong with Christopher Lee.  Plus, Patrick Troughton was in it, so we had Saruman and The Doctor in the same film.