Indy Wrestling Promotion CHIKARA Just Booked An All-Time Dream Women’s Team For ‘King Of Trios’

06.01.16 3 years ago 9 Comments

If you crave the antithesis of WWE, and you don’t mind a little comedy — along with fantastic action — in your bowl of wrestling soup, then you should be watching Chikara. The indy promotion, headed by long-time indy darling Mike Quackenbush, is a great alternative product and really is like nothing else out there on the indy circuit. From lengthy narratives to innovative high-flying and comedy spots, Chikara is like the secret pro wrestling federation that you wish you caught onto before.

For the upcoming King of Trios tournament — a tourney consisting of three-man (or woman, or animal, or avatar of an Eastern Bloc country) squads — Chikara is bringing back some WWE veterans in the form of three former WWE Divas … ahem … Women.

Victoria and Mickie James are former multiple-time WWE women’s and TNA Knockouts champs, and Jazz is probably best known for kicking a slew of male asses in ECW before moving her talents to WWE, where she also held women’s championship gold.

We haven’t seen much of Jazz and Victoria lately, but Mickie could be last seen in TNA. The King of Trios tournament has seen a lot of  familiar faces in the past, with the likes of Demolition, the Blue World Order and X-Pac showing up in recent years. It’ll be interesting to see just how these three veteran female grapplers fare against the colorful faces of Chikara.

The King of Trios tournament kicks off in Easton, Pa. on September 2.

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