Chris Jericho Loved His Most Recent WWE Run As Much As We All Did

05.05.17 12 months ago 11 Comments


From the List of Jericho to the Festival of Friendship; from running afoul of Ashton Kutchner to finally realizing WWE cloned Tom Phillips, Chris Jericho‘s work since returning to WWE this most recent time around (not counting his brief initial work as a babyface, which we refuse to treat as canon) was absolutely lights-out.

He could do no wrong, and he knew it. And we loved every second of it.

Jericho stopped by Busted Open Radio on Thursday to shoot the breeze-ski, and he talked about how much he enjoyed this most recent run. In fact, he was such a fan of what he accomplished this last time around, that he would rank it in the top two of the best stretches of his career.

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