WWE’s Chris Jericho Lived Out His Childhood Dream Of Being A TV Weatherman

Everybody has one thing they always wanted to be when they grew up; an astronaut, a firefighter, a famous actor, a unicorn. You know, the usual. However, whereas some kids want to grow up to be pro wrestlers, actual pro wrestler Chris Jericho wanted to be a weatherman. (Note that this is different from a meteorologist, which requires knowing actual things about climate.)

Thankfully for Jericho, he got to live out that dream on The Weather Network. From delivering the temperature in Tampa, Florida, to talking about a must-visit Applebee’s in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Jericho was a natural in front of the green screen.

I guess what we’re saying here is that if he wants it, Jericho has a future as a television weather personality. He’s been in front of bigger cameras plenty of times. Then again, people change over time. Who you were, and what you wanted out of life, when you were 7 versus when you’re in your 40s is totally different. And, sometimes, that change happens more rapidly. People are unpredictable like that. What you think is going to happen versus what happens is often vastly different.

Oh my God, you guys, kind of like the weather. Never mind, Jericho would be perfect.