Chris Jericho Isn’t Surprised Neville Asked For His WWE Release

Neville has spent most of 2017 as the main heel in WWE’s Cruiserweight division. He held the company’s Cruiserweight Championship for 232 days this year (combined in two reigns) before losing it to Enzo Amore at last month’s Raw No Mercy pay-per-view.

A few weeks later, Neville asked for his release from WWE, which shocked most fans when the news came out last week. That was followed up by more news that Neville wasn’t at Raw last week and he obviously wasn’t there this week either. Nothing has been said from WWE’s side on the topic, but the expectation is that Neville’s release from WWE is coming whenever they can work out the details. It may be this week or later in the month. We just don’t know yet.

Chris Jericho is a guy that has worked with Neville in the past in TV matches and plenty of house show matches. Jericho is also very open and honest in offering perspective on various WWE related topics. His opinion is valued because he’s seen it all and done it all in the wrestling business.

During a recent appearance on the Busted Open Radio Show, Jericho talked about Neville’s departure from WWE and why it doesn’t surprise him. Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.

“It doesn’t surprise me because I think a guy like Neville, whenever I worked with him we had great matches. He reminds me a lot, actually, of working with Chris Benoit in that he’s very hard-hitting, he’s very solid, very graceful and not stiff in the least, just a really innovative, smart worker. I think he wasn’t really getting his shot in the WWE, and the cruiserweight thing is fine but let’s be honest, it is what it is. I think there’s a lot higher potential for a guy like Neville in the ring and also the character.”

Jericho also spoke about how it’s not that easy to walk away from WWE for a guy like Neville, but he believes he can be an even bigger star.

“It’s a big step, it’s like walking off the side of a building and being told that there’s a net at the bottom, but you can’t see it. So you don’t know for sure if he’s making the right decision as of right now. But talent-wise, character-wise and intelligence-wise, he’s got all three of those things. So he’s not making this decision lightly, and I think wherever he ends up he’ll be probably a bigger star than he was before just by getting a bigger opportunity.”

In the interview, Jericho also added that he thinks Neville could be like guys such as Cody (Rhodes), The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, Will Opsreay and others that are proving that WWE is “not the be-all, end-all if you’re not there.” He makes a good point in saying that.

Neville’s future remains a mystery, but there’s no doubt he’s a talented guy and there’s reason for excitement for whatever he does next.