Chris Jericho’s Next Venture Is Searching For Buried Treasure On The Travel Channel

Chris Jericho is making a habit out of stunning career moves since his latest departure from WWE. Just this past weekend, he suddenly announced he’s going to appear at New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom to take on Kenny Omega. This marks his first non-WWE-related match in nearly two decades, and it means he’ll have title matches at WWE and New Japan’s biggest shows of the year in one 12-month stretch. Not too bad. Plus, the Festival of Friendship happened within the past year, too. So, you know, it’s been quite a year.

But anyway, in addition to New Japan appearances, shilling his fourth book, planning a dang party cruise, and of course working with his successful band Fozzy, Jericho just wants to keep finding ways to keep busy.

To that end, on Monday it was announced that Jericho will get his very own special on Travel Channel, entitled The Legend Of … With Chris Jericho. He’ll head to Utah, and will try to discover Butch Cassidy’s lost treasure trove of gold. Which is apparently a thing that Jericho is very interested in.

Here’s Jericho talking about the new show.

And here’s the press release, courtesy of Travel Channel:

Six-time WWE world champion and lead singer of Fozzy, Chris Jericho is trading in his belt for a whole new challenge: unmasking the world’s greatest mysteries on Travel Channel. “The Legend of…with Chris Jericho,” premiering November 17 at 11 p.m. ET/PT, follows Jericho as he brings his lifelong fascination for history’s unexplained legends and the figures behind them to the small screen. Digging into the past, Jericho searches for answers that separate fact from fiction to find the true story behind the legend.

In the half-hour special, Jericho investigates the legend of Butch Cassidy and the facts behind his most brazen heist in Castle Gate, Utah. He heads out to the desert with professional treasure hunters in search of Cassidy’s legendary lost loot. There, he meets up with an expert with information on Cassidy’s post-heist escape route who helps Jericho recreate the effects of the TNT explosives once used to blow open bank vaults.

“I’ve had lot of amazing experiences over the course of my career and my life, but searching for the truth behind some of the greatest mysteries in history is by far some of the most incredible! I’m on a mission for truth, treasure and true adventure,” said Jericho.

So yeah, who knew Jericho had a lifelong fascination with the unknown? The Legend Of … With Chris Jericho airs on the Travel Channel on Friday, November 17, at 11 p.m. ET. We’ll take a moment to let that sink in (maaaaaannnnn).