Cleanin’ And Jerkin’ With The Latest Episode Of Brad Maddox’s New Web Show

Do you adore Brad Maddox yet? No? Okay that’s weird, Beef Mode is great, and we might have to fight in real life now. Or you could just watch the third episode of his new web series and let the magic happen.

What thrilling adventures does young Bradley have for us this week?

After escaping from Oklahoma, Brad finds his way to Japan where he meets his former college and step brother Colin Firth (Colin Ferrell, gangs of new york), and in a heated, cussy debate, the two of them decide on what must be done… Travel back in time to 1978 to save President Lincoln (George Bush)

Okay, well…it was almost that.

Now let’s all hold hands, subscribe to his video channel, petition our respective local government officials to get him back on television, and hope that he’s never forced to graduate to poker.