CM Punk Still Doesn’t Like Hulk Hogan Very Much

Way back in 2015, Phil of all trades CM Punk vocalized his dislike of Hulk Hogan, calling him a “hack” and “garbage” after Hogan namedropped Punk in support of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Punk’s response at the time: “You mispronounced the team captains name and didn’t even know the coaches name. You’re a hack. Shut the fuck up or I’ll wreck you.”

They say time heals all wounds, even the ones inflicted during the Stanley Cup finals, but Punk’s still not a fan of the disgraced legend turned Saudi Arabian wrestling captain. In an interview with Windy City LIVE’s 2 Minute Warning — featuring great questions like, “did you ever wrestle The Rock?” — Punk explained that he wasn’t a Hogan guy to begin with, and likes him even less now.

When asked who his favorite wrestler was growing up, Punk says that it was Rowdy Roddy Piper, “hands down.” That causes the interviewer to ask about Hogan, which prompted this totally understandable response:

“Nah, I wasn’t a Hogan guy. I’ve met him, and I like him even less now. Fuck him.”



Hogan, per his appearance on Steve Austin’s podcacst, says their heat has to do with Hogan allegedly not saying hi to him backstage at Raw’s 15th anniversary special in 2007.

“I walked into the dressing room for the Raw 15th Anniversary and there was a guy there named CM Punk, I don’t know who he is … I heard I had heat because I didn’t say ‘Hi’ to him. I only remember flying from California with RVD for the show and my phone is going off because my home life is falling apart, I’m walking through the dressing room and all I can think about is getting home to fix my home life.”

We’ll keep you updated on whether or not Hogan ever gets wrecked.