CM Punk Is (Technically) Writing A Comic About Batista

Today in pro wrestling news that technically has nothing to do with wrestling, Marvel Comics announced that mixed-martial artist and nothing else CM Punk will write a new ongoing series for Guardians of the Galaxy member Drax, played in the MCU by Dave Bautista. So … totally wrestling related, right?

The announcement was made today at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Here’s the news from Comic Book Resources:

Punk, a longtime Marvel Comics fan and budding comics writer, will co-wrote the series with an unannounced writing partner. The series’ artist was also unconfirmed.

The Drax solo series will follow the green Guardian of the Galaxy when he’s not saving the universe with Star-Lord, Gamora, and Rocket Raccoon. And what does Drax do when he’s not fighting along his fellow heroes? Why fight by himself, of course. According to Marvel, Drax will jump from personal skirmish to the next as the Destroyer proves his mettle as the galaxy’s ultimate warrior.

Here’s a visual representation of the writing process:

Punk’s comics resume includes Thor Annual #1 and Vertigo’s Strange Sports Stories #1. We’re not sure what percentage of a plan Marvel has for the future of Drax. If they announced it, we weren’t listening then. We were thinking of something else.