An Emotional CM Punk Talked About Letting His Coaches And Family Down At UFC 203

CM Punk lost his first professional MMA fight at UFC 203, just like most expected him to. It was anti-climatic and a little sad. Still, after Punk was choked out by Mickey Gall he seemed to take it all in stride, offering some inspiring words of encouragement in his post-fight interview. But after an hour or so passed and he sat on the dais for the official post-fight press conference, the emotions finally poured out.

“I’m just really, really hard on myself,” he said while tearing up. “I lost, and it sucks, and it was lopsided, and it’s upsetting,” he admitted before countering “I know I’m better than that.” Then, he was asked about his wife, former WWE wrestler AJ Lee’s reaction to the fight and Punk had to take a moment to compose himself before revealing “she just said she was proud of me.”

Punk also discussed strategy, saying “I think I was a late throwing the (right hand) and then I got taken down,” while discussing his gameplan to pressure Gall and “come back with my shield or on it.” He then revealed that initial plan was to was to begin his MMA career on a lower level “but this opportunity got presented to myself (and I) would have been a fool to say no.” He acknowledged that he may be cut from the UFC altogether after his performance, but was firm in his desire to continue fighting, saying “I definitely want to keep going, I gotta get back on the bike and ride.”

He was asked about soaking up the crowd reaction during his ring walk, and much like his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, he reiterated he was just enjoying the moment. “I didn’t know if it was ever going to happen again,” he said. “I just try to enjoy life, I’m still happy.”