CM Punk Got A $1 Million Offer To Return To Pro Wrestling

Senior Editor, Sports
05.18.17 8 Comments


CM Punk is still lobbying hard to get a second UFC fight, and is filling his free time by participating in MTV shows. But even though he’s making some serious dough as a less-than-successful MMA fighter, fans would still love to see him get back in a wrestling ring.

Punk has expressed no real interest to return to wrestling, other than some idle comments about wanting to face Samoa Joe again in ROH (which obviously can’t happen now that Joe has signed to WWE). But maybe he’d come back if the price was right? Yeah, about that …

5 Star Wrestling in the United Kingdom is putting together an ultra-ambitious 128-fighter wrestling tournament, which is schedule to kick off on June 10 in Liverpool. And according to The Sun, the owner of 5 Star has extended a $1 million offer to CM Punk to participate in the tournament. Daniel Hinkles explained to the newspaper that this is a legitimate offer.

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