Things Got Tense At The UFC 203 Weigh-Ins When CM Punk Refused To Shake His Opponent’s Hand

After two years of training and delays due to injuries, CM Punk is finally about to step into the Octagon for his first real mixed martial arts fight. That’s a heck of a lot of build-up, and it seems like Punk is done discussing his personal journey through the sport and just ready to go to war with his opponent, Mickey Gall. That aggression ended up seeping out when the two fighters met for a face off after weighing in. Gall offered his hand to the former WWE superstar, and CM Punk refused to even consider shaking it.

That led to Gall getting a bit miffed and UFC president Dana White separating the two before things got prematurely out of control. Backstage, Punk explained what was said and why he rebuffed Mickey’s friendly gesture.

“He was stuttering,” Punk told FS1’s Megan Olivi. “He kept repeating, ‘Oh you don’t want to shake my hand, you don’t want to shake my hand’ or something like that. I’m not here to shake anybody’s hand. I’m here to punch people in the face.”

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a pro wrestler with a reputation for being surly pulled a heel move like this leading into the fight. It’s just more Hatorade for Punk’s detractors to drink up, and you better believe he’ll never hear the end of it if the more experienced Gall ends up taking him out with ease on Saturday night. There’s just something about leaving a fellow fighter hanging that upsets MMA fans a lot. To hear some tell it, Ronda Rousey was struck down by the MMA Gods themselves after refusing to touch gloves with Holly Holm. Now Punk is calling the same bad juju down upon himself, and at a time where he could really use all the help he can get.

(via MMA Fighting)