CM Punk Was Banned From Riot Fest, But Managed To Sneak In Anyways

In case you missed it, Riot Fest 2015 in Chicago had a peculiar list of things banned from the show this year. Amidst some obvious items — camcorders, projectiles, lawn furniture — and some odder (yet mostly understandable) choices — Native American headdresses, Justin Bieber, cantaloupe — was a peculiar choice… former pro wrestler and current “let me punch people for real already” UFC fighter-in-training Phil “CM Punk” Brooks.

Ever the rebel, the Chicago native ignored the banishment and showed up anyways. Because nothing is safe from social media, here he is with Chicago straight edge hardcore group Harm’s Way:

Punk also reunited with New York rock band Living Color, known to wrestling fans as the ones who performed his entrance theme at WrestleMania 29, and known to non-wrestling fans for just generally being awesome:

Riot Fest obviously didn’t seem to mind, posting this photo of Punk on stage with his Rancid bro, guitarist Lars Frederiksen:

Frederiksen appeared in the 2012 WWE-produced CM Punk documentary. He was also Punk’s guest at WrestleMania 28, and accompanied him and then-girlfriend Lita to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony that same year.

No word on whether or not his pockets were stuffed with cantaloupe and culturally appropriative items, though.