CM Punk ‘Walked Out,’ Matt Hardy Got Arrested And It Was A Pretty Bad Day For Pro Wrestling

I hate sharing this kind of stuff as “news,” but everybody in the world is doing it, so here we go.

CM Punk has apparently “walked out” on WWE, telling Vince McMahon that he was “going home.” That got him pulled from all upcoming WWE events including WrestleMania XXX, which goes down in April. If that sentence shocks you, it should. Punk’s one of the most popular and beloved guys on the show, and him bailing on the company because he’s unhappy with the way he’s being used and promoted is a huge blow to a company trying desperately to launch a network and promote the biggest show in their 50-year history.

At the same time … I don’t know how else to say it, but it’s wrestling.

This is being reported by TMZ and various wrestling dirt sheets, which should be your first sign that it’s just a part of the show and that everything’s okay. TMZ’s been working closely with WWE for a while now. Remember when Triple H cut his hair? TMZ happened to be there to share it, along with two random “WWE fans” who happened to be wearing Triple H shirts. Remember when Darren Young came out? TMZ was there to ask him about it, conveniently just before SummerSlam in Los Angeles. They recently shared news that WWE had kept Daniel Bryan out of the Royal Rumble, and the meat of the story was Daniel Bryan explaining how the people in charge don’t want him to succeed. You know, the story they’re telling on TV right now. They shared Mick Foley’s post-Rumble meltdown the same way Deadspin posts videos of that same fat kid who has the same exaggerated “meltdowns” whenever anything happens.

What I’m getting at is that while you’re certainly allowed an emotional response to your favorite wrestler leaving WWE, I’d advise you to keep it all in a comfortable perspective and not worry too much. If it helps, the second Raw after Elimination Chamber is in Chicago.

If you want something worry about, worry about how Matt Hardy and his wife/sorta model/even more sorta wrestler Reby Sky were both arrested recently for beating the hell out of each other. TMZ reported this, too, but it’s got police reports and mug shots attached so we’re gonna go ahead and say the Hardys are insane.

Former WWE champion Matt Hardy was arrested at a motel in Virginia earlier this month … after allegedly getting into a fight with his wrestler wife … TMZ Sports has learned.

Just look at the mug shots of Hardy and 27-year-old Reby Sky — both appear bloody and scratched up.

Hardy has multiple scratch marks all over his face and Sky — real name Rebecca Hardy — appears to be sporting a fat lip, black eye and several small cuts on her face.

Here are their mugshots. Matt looks like he fell into that vat of syringes from Saw 2.

For the more sociopathic readers out there, here’s the 911 call from the incident.

I’m sad there wasn’t more talk about grapes or trying to kill a ghost invader with a handgun.

Anyway, to keep things in that blissfully-attempted perspective, we’ll go back in time to when Matt and Jeff Hardy held Reby, shocked her with a taser, laughed about it and uploaded it to YouTube. At some point during this you think she would’ve said, “hey, maybe it’s NOT a good idea to marry this guy.”

Let’s just keep our heads down, and maybe Thursday will be a better day for wrestling.

Crap, wait, Impact is on on Thursdays. Let’s shoot for Friday.