CM Punk Attended His First Wrestling Show Since Breaking Up With WWE

CM Punk has been keeping fairly busy since quitting WWE earlier this year. Punk shows, hockey games and podcasts have all been on the agenda. Hell, I believe he even fit a wedding in there too. You’ll note none of this stuff involves pro wrestling, aka the thing that made people want to invite him their podcasts and red carpet events in the first place. Might have played a hand in that wedding coming together too.

Well, as anyone who’s tried to go cold turkey after a particularly shitty run of Raws knows, there’s no staying away from wrestling forever. According to several sources, CM Punk was in attendance backstage at the Ohio Valley Wrestling’s recent “Saturday Night Special” show. Why was Punk at the show? Something to do with Colt Cabana, right? Nope, actually it had something to do with one of his other random goofy friends, Cliff Compton, aka the dude on the right…

Hey, I bet Deuce wouldn’t mind you attending his shows either Punk. What about Deuce? What…about…Deuce?

Compton won the the OVW Title this Saturday in a triple threat, and Punk was likely there to support him. Punk never made an appearance in front of the crowd, and was reportedly typically CM Punk backstage, mostly only talking to Compton and OVW trailer Rip Rogers — everyone else was under orders to leave the former world champ alone. Punk of course spent some time down in OVW in 2005 and 2006 when it doubled as WWE’s developmental territory, so it was a natural place for him to resurface.

Does this mean CM Punk is returning tomorrow? Of course not, but hey, the Band-aid has been torn off. At the very least Punk seems to be past the “Wrestling? I was never a wrestler. I’m famous for my wit and good looks and nothing else” stage — we’ll see how things develop from here.

via Voices of Wrestling