CM Punk Won A Hockey Bet With John Cena, Got To Hold The Stanley Cup

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.26.13 31 Comments

Former WWE Champion CM Punk made his return to WWE at the Payback PPV in his hometown of Chicago during the home stretch of the Blackhawks’ Cup run. To show his support, Punk wore Blackhawks-themed trunks (pictured). On Monday’s edition of Raw (happening concurrently with Game 6), Punk timed his on-screen segment with Paul Heyman to happen during intermission. He likes the team is what I’m saying.

He likes them so much, in fact, that he was willing to place a bet with Always WWE Champion and Massachusetts native John Cena. Like every match they’ve ever had outside of “let’s convince people John Cena can beat the Rock” scenario, Punk came out on top, and the bet was made public/permanent via Tout. Sorry, Twitter.

I’m gonna assume that Cena’s shirt was also lost in the bet. His hideous, hideous shirt.

Punk’s support of the Blackhawks was further rewarded last night, when he got to hoist the Cup. This makes him 2013’s closest equivalent to Paulina Gretzky, which is … weird, but hey!

He didn’t provide any context for the photo, but I assume that’s him hanging out at a bar with the team, which means he is an alcoholic. Only alcoholics go into bars! h/t to Chris Jericho.

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