CM Punk Has Opinions About The Relocation Of WrestleMania 36

Well, it’s official: WrestleMania 36 is still happening on April 5, but it’s going to take place at the WWE Performance Center in front of, well, nobody. Thanks for nothing, COVID-19!

The decision to proceed with Mania in an empty gym will be debated for years to come — and its immediate impact could severely damage multiple independent wrestling companies — but it’s clearly a choice that has allowed everyone on social media to have a voice about the issue.

One of those voices is, in fact, the Voice Of The Voiceless, aka former WWE Superstar (and current WWE Backstage analyst) CM Punk. He took to Twitter shortly after the announcement of WrestleMania’s relocation to offer this bon mot:

One fan proposed King Corbin interrupt Reigns’ match with a recorded “CM Punk” chant to continue their seemingly endless feud:

He continued to weigh in on the decision, insinuating that someone had previously been blowing up his phone to get him to sign on for a Mania match:

While Punk might not be considering an in-ring return any time soon, at least he can sympathize with Edge, whose first singles match in nearly a decade will be in front of a couple hundred empty chairs:

Of course, just because an in-ring return might not be on the table doesn’t mean he wouldn’t welcome a shot at the commentary desk — but only if he’s able to share it with Asuka:

So there you have it: CM Punk and Asuka will replace Byron Saxton and Jerry Lawler on next week’s episode of Raw, hopefully.