CM Punk Says He Could ‘Technically’ Wrestle For AEW Right Now

It’s been nearly four months since CM Punk made his surprise return to WWE-branded programming. Despite his initial promise that he would “change the culture” of WWE, Punk’s occasional appearances as a panelist on FS1’s WWE Backstage have allowed him to echo the sentiments of much of the internet wrestling community, from the overall state of WWE (not good!) to Hulk Hogan (not good!) to his feelings on the Rusev/Lana wedding (not good!).

Punk has repeatedly said he is not a WWE employee, and that he is only under contract to FOX. So that leads to the obvious question: Could he sign with AEW as a wrestler? During a recent appearance on KROQ’s Kevin In The Mornings With Allie & Jensen radio show, he was asked just that.

I think if I was wrestling for AEW, I’m sure Fox would be like, “Well, it was fun while it lasted.” I guess technically [I could]. Technically I could do that, yeah, but I’m sure Fox would be like, “Well?”

Not that it’s solely his responsibility to do so, but if Punk really wanted to change the culture, something like this could go a long way toward doing it. AEW Revolution is in Chicago tomorrow night, too…

(h/t Wrestling Inc.)