Kurt Angle’s Final Independent Match Featured A Cody Rhodes Moonsault Off A Cage

Contributing Writer
03.06.17 2 Comments


If you’ve followed the career of soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer and former Olympic hero Kurt Angle, you know that there is one constant: if Kurt Angle is in a cage match, he will try a moonsault off the top of that cage. And he will, nearly without fail, miss that moonsault. Cody Rhodes, Angle’s latest blood rival, knows this all too well.

Over the weekend, Angle and Rhodes had their final showdown — a rubber match in a worldwide series, and the final independent booking before Angle returns to WWE — in a steel cage match for Northeast Wrestling in Waterbury, CT. Rhodes clearly wanted to send Angle off with a bang, and so he busted out perhaps the greatest wrestling match homage ever: a whiffed moonsault from the top of the cage, leading to an Olympic Slam.

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