Cody Rhodes Refutes Reports That He Has Signed With Ring Of Honor

Cody Rhodes has recently been talking about quitting his freewheelin‘ “I will work ALL of the promotions!” ways and picking one home promotion to dedicate himself to. He’s worked for Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, New Japan, PWG, and pretty much any non-WWE promotion you can name in the past year, but there may be one company he enjoys more than all the rest.

The latest edition of MLW Radio first reported that their sources have told them Cody Rhodes has signed a contract with Ring of Honor. The MLW hosts pointed out that this is the contract that makes the most sense for Cody right now, as it really only prevents him from working Impact Wrestling, but he’s already worked a handful of Impact dates, so he can say he’s done that, at least.

On Wednesday, however, Cody refuted those reports:

It’s possible that Cody just hasn’t signed as of yet, but a Ring of Honor contract makes the most sense for him. ROH of course has a close partnership with New Japan, so “The American Nightmare” can continue to be part of the Bullet Club all he wants. Ring of Honor is also once again allowing their contracted talent to work PWG shows if there are no scheduling conflicts.

Cody signing with ROH wouldn’t change a whole lot for him, but Impact Wrestling did whiff on the chance to sign someone with both a lot of buzz and a lot of name value. I know, I know; it’s really not like Impact to miss out on something.

Rhodes is already in the main event for ROH’s next PPV on May 12, where he will compete in a triple threat match for the ROH World Championship. Could Cody be on the verge of adding that prestigious title to his already-impressive resume? If he really has signed with Ring of Honor, there’s a pretty darn good chance.