Cody Rhodes Did An Extremely Cool (And Painful) Thing For Charity

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05.22.17 2 Comments

We all know that Cody Rhodes is keeping busy these days. He’s become one of the, if not the most in-demand wrestlers on the entire planet since heading to the independent circuit, and because he still hasn’t signed full-time with any one company, he continues to travel the globe wrestling anywhere and everyone that will pay his booking fee. And he’s making a whole bunch of cool memories along the way, not just for himself, but for fans as well.

This past weekend, Cody worked for WrestlePro in Rahway, New Jersey. He was in the main event, taking on friend of With Spandex Joey Janela, and in keeping with Janela’s Bad Boy spirit, the fight involved thumbtacks, chairs and ladders. After the event was when the really memorable stuff happened, however.

Cody got on the microphone at the end of the show and offered to stay in the ring and take photos with anyone who may have missed the pre-show meet and greet due to New York traffic. As WrestlePro explained in the below Facebook post, he was interrupted by a fan who really, REALLY wanted to be bodyslammed onto some thumbtacks. Cody agreed to do it if the proceeds for the meet and greet went to charity, and he would also match that amount.

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