Cody Rhodes Does Not Appreciate When You Yell ‘Stardust’ At Him

Since leaving WWE (in large part due to frustration at not being allowed to ditch his “Stardust” character and return to his own name), Cody Rhodes has been one of the most in-demand wrestlers on the independent circuit. “The American Nightmare” is now an official member of the Bullet Club, the GFW Nex*Gen Champion, and is working pretty much everywhere you can think of.

On Friday, Cody was back at it, working at the inaugural show for the Seattle-based Defy Wrestling. In the main event of the evening, Rhodes mixed it up with Shane Strickland (who has definitely never been to Dario Cueto’s Temple) in a singles match. However, during the ring introductions, just after a “CODY” chant died down, some goofball in the crowd yelled for “STARDUST,” because people who have access to Wikipedia thinking it’s still funny to yell “HUSKY HARRIS” in 2017 have taught us that we as wrestling fans can neither have, nor do we deserve nice things.

Strickland tried to come to Cody’s aid, but luckily, Rhodes knew just how to deal with this situation. In fact, it appears he’s been working on a special move just for this occasion: the cartwheel single-bird.

And the reverse angles!

Wrestling etiquette at live events is pretty easy, people. Have a good time, make some noise, try not to make yourself the center of attention … and call people by the name they’re going by. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check my Google alerts to see if Phil or Terry did anything dumb today.