Cody Rhodes Nearly Murdered Donovan Dijak With This Vicious Chair Shot

Cody Rhodes has been talking a lot lately about how excited he is to finally be living his dream of wrestling in Ring of Honor. To him, being in ROH is more important than being in WrestleMania, and he’s enjoying his time all over the indies much more than the Road to WrestleMania this year.

On Friday, Rhodes — “The American Nightmare” and the latest member of the Bullet Club — got to continue living his dream in San Antonio, when he wrestled Donovan Dijak in a singles match as part of ROH’s Undisputed Legacy event. Rhodes won that match, and he cemented his status as a dastardly Bullet Club heel by walloping Dijak with a chair.

And I do mean f*cking walloped.

MOTHER OF GOD. That’s one of the most vicious chair shots we’ve seen this side of CZW in years and years. And it’s Cody Rhodes! I guess it truly is a brave new world after all.

Rhodes himself retweeted this gnarly-ass video with a mea culpa of sorts, that was also perfectly in keeping with his current character.

Everyone else on the indies, you’re on notice: be careful around Cody Rhodes, or he just might straight-up end you.