Cody Rhodes Shared A Story About His Worst Indie Wrestling Experience

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06.09.17 15 Comments


Cody Rhodes is large and in charge and doing whatever the hell he wants to do. He’s got a recurring role on Arrow, he’s an integral part of like every independent wrestling company on the planet, and he’s even body slamming fans onto thumbtacks for charity. I swear that last part makes sense and is not sarcastic.

But like isn’t always benevolent thumbtacks and radical acting roles for The American Nightmare. He recently had a very, very bad experience with an independent show, as a matter of fact. During an appearance on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, Cody went into serious detail on a nightmare he had to go through. (Transcript via WrestleZone.)

According to Cody, months before the date when he was supposed to appear for a Connecticut promotion to wrestle Donovan Dijak, he found out he needed to go back to the Arrow set to shoot some scenes. So he contacted the promoter “months out” and told him he may be unable to make the date, and they should try to line up a replacement if he couldn’t take it. The promoter said he had rented out a bar and grill, and had been advertising Cody as the guest for this after-party following the show. Rhodes said he was “very forthcoming” and that while he was going to try to do everything possible to make the show, he wasn’t likely to make that post-show event.

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