Conan Reviews ‘WWE 2K14’ For Clueless Gamer. This Will End In Fire.

“He looks like Louis CK crossed with Bart Simpson.”

Conan O’Brien is back for another edition of his ongoing Clueless Gamer segments on Conan. This time, he and Aaron Bleyaert (“fired from the show two years ago, still hangs around”) play WWE 2K14. It starts off on a high note: the game uses a public domain rendition of the National Anthem as its intro music, so of course Conan makes Blayaert stand up and they cover their hearts. (To be fair, it’s the only music from the game TBS could afford to clear for broadcast.)

The cost-cutting measures of WWE 2K14 don’t stop there. With amazing graphics straight out of 2006 and a custom-made avatar fit for a N64 game, WWE 2K14 seems to be a copypaste of previous versions, with a few details changed to slap a 2014 label on it. Hey, it works for Madden.

Be sure to stay for the second half, when Conan designs a wrestler based on his own manly physique (not the one pictured above) and fights The Rock in a ring surrounded by fire.

And the way he rates this game is the best method so far, although Blayaert may disagree.

Via Team Coco

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