Conor McGregor Is Entertaining Possible Futures In Boxing, Hollywood, And WWE

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Over the past three years, Conor McGregor has risen from a cocky but unknown Irish prospect in the UFC to the promotion’s biggest star. Now that he’s at the absolute pinnacle of the sport, he’s made it clear the UFC will have to change the way it’s used to paying its stars to coax him back into the Octagon. And if they’re not willing to negotiate with him? He’s more than willing to pursue other, more lucrative endeavors.

“I can go out now and maybe conquer the boxing scene as well,” he told Irish sports channel RTE in an interview celebrating his win as Irish Sportsperson of the Year. “That’s a very serious thought. That’s a very serious conversation that’s happening. I’ve got those wrestling guys trying to contact me as well. I’ve got Hollywood trying to contact me as well. I’ve got so many options.”

When asked about a fight with Floyd Mayweather, McGregor made it sound like Mayweather wasn’t the only opponent being considered for a possible boxing run.

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