Finn Bálor Is The Latest Wrestler To Try And Court Conor McGregor To WWE

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07.10.17 3 Comments

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Perhaps you may have heard: Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are going to have a boxing match. They’re about to embark on a world tour to hype the event that experts say will be a complete sh*t show, and the week after SummerSlam, Mayweather will embarrass McGregor for 12 rounds. But no one involved cares, because everyone in the world is going to watch this fight, and Conor and Floyd stand to make possibly hundreds of millions of dollars.

But WWE has known about the undeniable star power of McGregor and has been trying to court him for some time, dating back to when Conor called wrestlers and wrestling fans a bunch of idiot nerds. Good times. You can imagine that a Conor appearance would bring much more of a ratings boost for WWE than, say, LaVar Ball and his kin, but regardless, everyone on WWE’s side wants it to happen.

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