Chris Jericho Is Positive Conor McGregor Will Eventually Wind Up In WWE

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After what seems like entire years’ worth of buildup and hype, the big superfight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is finally, mercifully behind us. There might be money in a rematch, but it sure looks like McGregor is once again heading back to the UFC, and for good this time. Well, for good, until someone ponies up his asking price to do something else. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Conor McGregor likes money. Like, a LOT.

One of the things McGregor has been most rumored-slash-expected to do now that Mayweather is in his rearview mirror (or more accurately, vice versa) is some sort of appearance for or partnership with WWE. Conor has long aped the tried-and-true methods of the arrogant pro wrestling heel, even as he has spent a lot of time trash talking pro wrestling fans. Hell, he even tried to claim ownership of Vince McMahon’s iconic arm-swinging strut. (He also says he has a lot of love for his fellow Irish mogul.)

But pretty much everyone inside and outside of the pro wrestling industry has figured it won’t be long until McGregor pops up in WWE in some capacity. if the price is right for both sides, anyway. You can add Chris Jericho to that list of people who believes it’s only a matter of time before the Notorious Conor McGregor is in a WWE ring.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Jericho said he thinks it’s a “no-brainer” for WWE and McGregor to team up. And he’s right! (Transcript via 411Mania.)

“Will Conor McGregor end up in the WWE? I think it’s a no-brainer. It might not be this year or the year after that because there’s a lot of money that you got to spend to get him in there. But a guy that yappy, who knows the concept of cutting a wrestling promo … I think Conor will definitely end up there, it’s just a matter of when he wants to.”

Maybe when things get closer to WrestleMania time, WWE will have both McGregor and Ronda Rousey kicking around. But there will come a day when McGregor and McMahon will come to an agreement on a price, and the rest will be history.