John Cena Has Joined The Cast Of ‘Daddy’s Home 2’

John Cena is slowly becoming the John Goodman of our generation. By which I mean, if you put John Cena in a movie, it is guaranteed to immediately become at least 100 percent better. (NOTE: THIS RULE ONLY APPLIES TO MOVIES HE APPEARED IN AFTER 12 ROUNDS.) To wit; he was one of, if not the best part of Trainwreck and Sisters. And his cameo at the end of 2015’s Daddy’s Home was absolutely the best part of that movie. In case you missed it:

The Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg comedy might have been completely forgotten by you until the instant you read the headline of this article, but the $69 million film (nice) somehow grossed over $240 million at the box office, so great job, America. Now we get Daddy’s Home 2. 2 DAD 2 HOME. DAD HARDER. DADDY’S HOME: SUBURBAN DRIFT.

The good news, according to Deadline, is that Cena will be back to reprise his role of the only person who intimidates Mark Wahlberg, who also happens to be the biological dad of Wahlberg’s stepdaughter. Mel Gibson and John Lithgow will play the parents of Wahlberg and Ferrell’s characters, respectively, which is good casting, but at the same time, [15-second sigh].

So get pumped for Daddy’s Home 2? I guess it’ll all be worth it in the long run when Cena passes The Rock as the highest-paid movie star in the world. The Rock did Game Plan and The Tooth Fairy, you know.