Daniel Bryan’s Story Of The Last Time He Spoke To CM Punk Is Exactly What You’d Expect

06.21.17 10 months ago 17 Comments


Neither CM Punk nor Daniel Bryan are active pro wrestlers anymore, but they’re both keeping very busy. Bryan is pulling double duty as general manager of Smackdown Live and as a brand new dad, and Punk is currently hard at work trying to get a second UFC fight. And, presumably, also training for that fight. We really, really presume that very hard.

Anyway, the two men were longtime pillars of both the independent scene and WWE, and were “founding fathers” as sorts for Ring of Honor. They’re also regarded as the two greatest examples of fan favorites who reached the pinnacle of professional wrestling based on sheer talent and hard work. So you’d think the two are great friends, right? Well … maybe. But as you might expect, Punk isn’t really the type of person to reminisce or get all touchy-feely.

In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, Bryan talked about the last time he had a conversation with the Punker.

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