UPDATED: Daniel Bryan Has Been Pulled From The European Tour

According to Wrestling, Inc, WWE has pulled Daniel Bryan from the remainder of the WWE Live European tour.

It was previously reported that Bryan’s Raw match had to be changed due to health concerns and Bryan working injured again. While there has been no official confirmation as of yet, Bryan’s image has been pulled from all of the WWE.com listings of wrestlers set to appear on the upcoming European shows. It’s important to note, however, that Bryan is still being prominently advertised for their stateside return in Albany:

Let’s hope he just had some wonky sauerkraut or something, and our constant fear of his precious baby neck full of fragile bird bones can be held at bay for at least a little longer.


WWE has released the following statement:

“Daniel Bryan has been pulled from the remainder of the UK tour as a precautionary measure.”

…okay, now is when we panic, right?