Is WWE Now Openly Telling Daniel Bryan He’ll Never Wrestle Again?

I want Daniel Bryan to return to the ring. You want Daniel Bryan to return to the ring. Everybody wants it. Bryan himself wants it more than anyone, but no matter how much he trains or how many doctors clear him, WWE doesn’t seem interested in making it happen. Maybe they’re worried about bringing him back just to lose him again. Maybe they’re cutting their losses and moving on.

(Maybe it’s a swerve to convince us he’s never coming back, so we’ll be surprised when he does?) (Trying to be optimistic here.)

You keep expecting the news to get better, but it doesn’t. According to the latest report from Ye Olde Observer, the story now is that WWE is straight-up telling Daniel Bryan he’ll never wrestle again, and that they aren’t clearing him. Ever. Even if Shinsuke Nakamura is there. Bryan reportedly went to the top and talked to Vince McMahon about the situation, and while Vince was supposedly “hopeful” about finding a solution, all roads lead to non-wrestling roles in the company.

As we know from the past two years of wishing this was all a dream, Daniel Bryan rumors are cyclical. We hear about him wanting to come back and training lucha libre or MMA in the interim to keep sharp, and then we’re brought down by “sorry, not happening” followups. All we have to keep us hopeful are our conspiracy theories, and the knowledge that even 50% strength Daniel Bryan is one of the best wrestlers in the world.

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