Daniel Bryan Took The #OneChipChallenge And Handled It Like A Champ

11.10.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

Paqui’s #OneChipChallenge is the latest hashtag-based-craze to take the internet by storm. The concept here couldn’t be more simple. You win the challenge if you can eat Paqui’s Carolina Reaper Chip, which is being billed as ‘The World’s Hottest Chip.’ In case you had any doubt about the popularity of the #OneChipChallenge, it’s nearly impossible to complete at this time because you can’t find the Carolina Reaper Chip anywhere.

For reference to what the #OneChipChallenge is supposed to look like, former NBA player and occasional WWE guest Shaquille O’Neal tried it a couple of weeks ago. It did not go well for Mr. O’Neal.

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