The Pro Wrestling World Reacts To The Announcement Of Daniel Bryan’s Retirement

On Monday afternoon, Daniel Bryan announced his retirement. That’s not a thing we’re going to get used to typing. He’s supposed to address the retirement on Raw, and WWE’s already sharing pictures of him arriving to the arena.

Many fans are holding out hope that this is all a big misdirect, and that Bryan will pull what is affectionately known as a “Mark Henry” — teasing a retirement only to reveal that it was all a gag, and that he’s coming back stronger than ever. Maybe he’ll tease a retirement and be interrupted by someone, and that’ll send him forward in WWE stories and keep him on TV heading into WrestleMania.

Or, you know. He could be retiring.

Whether it’s a legitimate retirement from the sport or something different, the pro wrestling world has already shown an outpouring of support for the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

There are too many to list here — there are few performers in wrestling as universally respected for their abilities as Bryan, or many as well liked for who they are outside of the ring — but here are a few. We’ll be happy to retract this entire post if it all turns out to be an angle, and God, we’ll have never been so happy to be worked.