Daniel Bryan Returned At WWE TLC With A New Look

A few weeks ago on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan became the latest person to be pulled under (into?) the ring by “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. The episode ended as The Fiend was ripping out what looked like chunks of Bryan’s hair. Bryan was off TV for a few weeks after this, which led to The Miz entering a feud with Wyatt. After The Miz and Wyatt’s feud came to a head with a match at WWE TLC 2019, Bryan made his return to WWE programming with a new look, but without the new attitude some fans might have been expecting.

Wyatt wrestled his match at TLC not as The Fiend, but with his Firefly Funhouse kids’ TV host persona. After he defeated The Miz, The Fiend – or someone wearing a Fiend mask – made an appearance on the big screen. Wyatt looked excited by this – then was taken out by a running knee from a hooded figure who was clearly Daniel Bryan.

After his attack, Bryan removed his hood to reveal that yes, The Fiend had ripped his hair out on that episode of Smackdown. He now looks a lot more like his pre-WWE American Dragon self than the bearded leader of the Yes Movement. However, he still exited the arena while leading fans in the Yes Chant and doesn’t seem to have been turned back heel by whatever supernatural shenanigans The Fiend may have tried to pull.