Daniel Bryan Finally Returned From Injury On Monday Night Raw


Monday’s episode of Raw opened with 30 minutes of exposition and information — everything from Roman Reigns announcing he’d be on the show only for Vince McMahon to say he wouldn’t (and then him showing up anyway) to multiple WrestleMania rematches being made and McMahon coming up with a “wild card” rule that switches Raw and Smackdown seemingly on the fly — but it featured one wholly positive event: the on-screen return of Daniel Bryan.

Bryan has been on the shelf since losing the WWE Championship to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35 with an undisclosed injury, and the radio silence regarding what happened and when started to be worrisome. Especially when the star in question has already retired due to injury once in his career.

Also good news: he’s still a total jerk about everything.

Bryan wasn’t the only Smackdown star to randomly show up on Raw, though, as Kofi Kingston himself showed up and ended up signed in a WrestleMania rematch for the WWE Championship. You can watch that interaction below.

While the entire promo parade (with commercial break!) is too long to share here, we’re happy to cherry-pick Bryan’s appearance and wish him well as he protects the planet, represents Smackdown Live as a “wild card,” and (fingers crossed) stays as healthy and on-TV as possible going forward.