Daniel Bryan Thought Sasha Banks’ Fake Retirement Angle ‘Wasn’t Very Good’

09.07.16 3 years ago 7 Comments

Another day, another loud declaration that Talking Smack is, without a doubt, the best show WWE produces on a weekly basis. We had the Usos foreshadow their heel turn, John Cena foreshadow his loss to AJ Styles, and The Miz foreshadow — well, nothing; The Miz just wrecked Daniel Bryan.

But Daniel Bryan has a live mic, too, and seemingly very little in the way of scripted direction, as evidenced by last night’s Talking Smack when host Renee Young asked him what he thought about Sasha Banks’ promo on Monday Night Raw where she duped the audience into thinking she was retiring (having already sent out a tweet earlier that day saying she had bad news to deliver) — a scenario we all remember going through with a certain goat-faced wonder earlier this year. Of course, Bryan had an opinion on the angle, which he briefly shared with Young.

“The fake retirement? The ominous tweet? That kind of stuff, it doesn’t bother me. I think I just feel bad because it wasn’t very good.”

Is there a solar eclipse today? Because I just saw a whole sh*tload of shade come down Sasha’s way. Even Young seemed surprised by Bryan’s direct answer, responding with a classic Kelso “BURN!” Bryan continued to be unphased:

“I’m the GM of Smackdown — I can say what I want. Sometimes I get zinged for it like Miz got me the other week, so it happens.”

If this ends in Sasha Banks invading Smackdown and calling Daniel Bryan a coward and then Brie Bella comes out of retirement to defend his honor, I’m officially sending the Smackdown writing staff an Edible Arrangement.

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