Shinsuke Nakamura Teased A Dream Match With Daniel Bryan After He Was Cleared


Daniel Bryan has finally been cleared by WWE doctors to return to in-ring action, as the company announced on Tuesday.

The news brought excitement to most everyone in the WWE universe, as we have all felt somewhat robbed of one of the great wrestlers for the past two years. Bryan has been adamant about returning to the ring, but WWE has had concerns about letting him back in due to his concussion history. Wrestling fans have been torn between wanting Bryan back in the ring, but also understanding how serious an issue concussions are and not wanting him to risk long-term, serious health problems.

By clearing him, WWE seems to indicate that Bryan is in good health and considering how careful they have been with him the optimistic view is that Bryan really is healthy and able to compete, which is the best of both worlds. After the initial panic of “OH MY GOD DANIEL BRYAN IS BACK!” the sentiment quickly shifted to thinking about all the incredible matchups he can have with guys we’ve always said, “man, he’d be great in a match with Daniel Bryan.”

That also happened to be the thought Shinsuke Nakamura, who will be having a DREAM MATCH™ with A.J. Styles at WrestleMania, as he fired off a tweet about how now another DREAM MATCH™ can become reality in the near future against Bryan.

I feel like I speak for everyone when I say, “YES! YES! YES!” to that idea. The list of dream Bryan matches is extremely lengthy and I’ll leave it to our own Brandon Stroud to expound upon those possibilities, but let’s just say Shinsuke is certainly near the top of the list for most.

Plenty of other WWE employees and superstars past and present reacted with excitement on Twitter to the news of Bryan’s clearance. It’s easy to see that the locker room is excited to learn Bryan is coming back to the ring and the potential chance to face off with one of the greats.